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Black Cat Curved Carbide Grader Blades

Black Cat Curved Carbide Grader Blades
  • Parts Category : Blade Parts
  • Parts Manufacturer : Black CAT
  • Equipment Brand : Black CAT
  • Equipment Type : Grader
  • Equipment Model :
  • Application : Mining Construction,Earthmoving
  • Minimum Quantity : 0
Black Cat Curved Carbide Grader Blades are a superior choice for any low impact, high abrasion application. The Inserted Carbide teamed with abrasive resistant impregnation (Carbide Inserted/Carbide Impregnated) significantly extends the life of the parent material when used in applications where “face” wear is a problem. The curved shape of the blades results in better material flow when used on Graders and Underbody plows. Tungsten Carbide inserts result in a blade with extremely long wear life allowing for fewer blade changes and an excellent resistance to “crowning” for applications that require a level grading operation.
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