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WE ARE TOGETHER A&S Group's Customer Care Event "We Are Together" A&S Group has decided to hold a customer-caring event "We Are Together" by donating disposable medical   more...
Because the working environment and conditions of excavators equipped with bucket teeth are mostly very bad, the failure of bucket teeth is generally characterized by wear and baldness, while a few of  more...
For the classification and function of Carter excavator buckets, let's listen to Babington, technical engineer of A&S Co., Ltd. According to its mechanical action principle, it can be divided   more...
A&S Machinery Co., Ltd. is a global leading supplier for metal wear parts and spare parts for electric shovels, excavators, graders, crushers, etc. A&S products are widely used in mining, construction  more...
A&S mining wear parts equipped on TZ WK-20 electric shovels, are under operation at the mines of Polyus Gold in Russia, a positive response to China global development strategy "Belt & Road". A&S M  more...
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